Expert Evaluation of New and Emerging Technologies
ChannelScience developed the skills for evaluating new and emerging technologies in the data storage industry, where change comes fast and often. New technologies and techniques regularly are positioned as the next big thing to challenge the current accepted path of technological progress. Sometimes they succeed, but most times they come up short. We have a very good record of predicting which technology will succeed.

ChannelScience applies this experience to evaluate emerging technologies outside of the data storage industry. We begin by understanding the current state-of-the-art in the field that a new or emerging technology is targeting. We identify the key trends that have supported the existing technology of choice and how the new technology supports or disrupts these trends.

A key distinction we typically try to identify for a technology challenger is whether it is a spot solution from a single source, or a trend supported by an industry. The latter condition is typically a hallmark of an emerging technology with the ability to supplant the current leading technology in a field.

ChannelScience does not predict market size, market acceptance, revenue, or volume. Our focus is on what the technology is, what it can do, and what development it will need to be successful.

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