About ChannelScience

ChannelScience was established in 1996 by Chuck Sobey to provide technology consulting and training for the data storage industry. Located in Plano, Texas (north of Dallas), ChannelScience is a trusted, confidential partner to large corporations, government agencies, universities, conference boards, startups, and entrepreneurs. Our technical specialty is developing and deploying error mitigation strategies and techniques that are matched to the physics of emerging memory and storage technologies.

For example, after characterizing the signal and noise of a new technology, we develop device-level and system-level modeling, signal processing, detection, coding, and usage strategies and techniques to get the best, most-reliable performance from the memory/storage implementation.

To share the insights we gain from deep study of storage technologies, we have a longtime partnership with KnowledgeTek, the world's leader in data storage training. Some of the areas we have  covered include hard disk drives, tape drives, optical drives, solid-state drives, error correction coding (ECC), detection and signal processing (PRML), and many other aspects of emerging storage technologies.

ChannelScience has gained hard-won insights from teaching literally thousands of the world's best technologists. We use these unique insights to create and present soft-skills training (separate from our data storage technology training) that connects with hard-skilled engineers and scientists.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation, or to schedule a class. You can also subscribe to be notified of upcoming classes, events, and news.