Training by Engineers for Engineers ™

experience_accelerated_logoChannelScience has taken the lessons learned from over 20 years of providing hard-skills technical training to engineers and scientists around the world and created eXperience ACCELERATED™ -- a uniquely effective 2-day professional development workshop, specifically for engineers, scientists, developers, researchers, and analysts. 

This workshop teaches participants how to identify and develop their technical expertise and align it with their organization's goals. We incorporate the current results from the science of expertise to transform your STEM professionals' experience into effective, sought-after expertise!

To compete globally at the highest level, high-potential individuals need to continue to develop their best skills. As an example of the results possible, the lessons of eXperience ACCELERATED™ have enabled professionals to select a new area of technology, develop expertise in that subject, and become world-recognized experts that are sought by the best organizations. This hard-won knowledge is shared fully in this one-of-a-kind workshop!

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