Professional Development Training



ChannelScience offers unique soft-skills training classes that are specifically designed for hard-skilled engineers and scientists!

Our instructor-led classes include the following:


Hirable for Life ™ is our popular outplacement and career transition 1/2-day workshop. It can be a generous part of an outplacement support package during layoffs, or an efficient way to prepare your staff for new internal opportunities. It offers an inspiring, but practical, look at the STEM professional's career opportunities and assets.

eXperience ACCELERATED ™  is a 2-day leadership development workshop for STEM professionals who are on the technical ladder rather than the managerial ladder. This ground-breaking class teaches technologists how to turn their experience into widely recognized and sought after expertise! We base our approach on the current developments in the science of expertise developments. Skills addressed include technical leadership, networking, and communications.

Engineering Explanations ™  is a 2-day technical presentation skills workshop. It builds on the natural skills of engineers and scientists, while teaching them to craft a presentation that is a solution to a "problem" of  importance to the audience. Presentation skills are essential for advancing in a technical career; however, typical presentation skills training classes do not address the unique needs and perspectives of technologists. Ours does!

Data Storage Technology Training

knowledgetek-small-kman-logoChannelScience's technology training classes for the data storage industry are available exclusively through our longtime partner, KnowledgeTek: The World's Leader in Instructor-led Data Storage Training.

Customize Your Training

Download the slides from our joint presentation with Starkey Hearing Technologies at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference in Orlando: Engineers and Scientists are Different

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