In 1996, ChannelScience began providing confidential business and technology advisory services to the data storage industry. Our products and expert services have grown to include:
Bullet 1 Analysis of Emerging Technologies 
Bullet 2 Confidential Advisor for Technology Philanthropists 
Bullet 3 PRML and Iterative Read Channels 
Bullet 4 MATLABŪ Software Development 
Bullet 5 Data Recovery Research and Development 
Bullet 6 Expert Consultant Services for Intellectual Property Investigations 
Bullet 7 Marketing to Data Storage Companies 
Bullet 8 Professional Development for Engineers and Scientists 
Bullet 9 Detection and Signal Processing Algorithms for New Sensor Applications 
Bullet 10 Emerging Technologies for Energy and Health 
The Data Storage Industry and Emerging Technologies
Since before the time of the first cave paintings, humankind has stored data and ideas. The use of stored information has directly contributed to the advancement of civilization. Humankind's need to store data will not change. The medium we use to store it on will.

At the center of the modern data storage industry are manufacturers of disk, tape, optical, and solid-state (flash) drives. The data storage industry also includes the companies that supply these manufacturers with key components and services, as well as the companies that build products and services based on drives.

ChannelScience is a trusted, confidential partner of the data storage leaders who have driven and enabled our current Information Age -- and who continue to innovate to more quickly and cleanly bring more information to more people and more devices.

Designers of hard disk drives and solid-state drives stay on the leading edge through frequent transitions in the underlying technology used to store and retrieve data. ChannelScience works side-by-side with companies to help them effectively transition to new technologies.

We can provide that unique expertise for your next technology transition, whether it is in magnetic, optical, electronic, or quantum storage, or any other emerging technology field where change is fast and frequent.

Part of a successful technology transition is clearly communicating to all those involved why the change is necessary and how it is beneficial. ChannelScience evaluates the new technology, what it replaces, current competing alternatives, and likely next steps after the transition. We disseminate this information throughout your company in the form of custom classes, papers, talks, and meetings. We also work as part of your team to help you implement, test, and optimize the new technology.

Past and current projects include evaluating new technologies for acquisition or investment, reviewing patent portfolios, determining technical specifications, contributing to design reviews, providing second opinions, positioning technology for acquisition, and forming teams to develop new products and enter new markets.

ChannelScience is a proven, innovative, discreet partner for your next data storage or emerging technology project.

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