Technology Strategies for Business Results

The best engineering, science, and business professionals know the value of utilizing outside experts and of getting different points-of-view on complex issues. ChannelScience is a partner-of-choice for providing subject matter expertise, practical know-how, and industry connections in data storage, semiconductor memory, detection, signal processing, error correction coding (ECC), MATLAB® development, AI/ML strategy, and custom training.

ChannelScience offers cost-effective analysis and strategic planning for applying artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to your small or medium-sized business. Our basic introductory consulting package consists of the following:

  • Clear overview presentation introducing AI/ML and what is currently possible;
  • In-person meeting with your top executives to identify needs, goals, and resources;
  • Onsite assessment of your company’s readiness for AI/ML implementation;
  • Investigation of current offerings that best match your capabilities and needs;
  • Direct, custom strategic plan for AI/ML next steps; and
  • Wrap-up meeting with executives and implementation team.

Contact us for details on price and scheduling. ChannelScience can also connect you with implementers, assist directly with your implementation, and/or provide assessments of your AI/ML progress and roadmap.

R&D Consulting Examples

Emerging Nonvolatile Memory Technologies

After many years in magnetic and optical recording technologies, ChannelScience was one of the early movers from rotating media to solid-state-based storage. We have focused on improving the performance and reliability of multi-bit per cell flash and 3D NAND. More recently, ChannelScience is particularly excited about the opportunities to blend magnetics with solid-state storage through the rapid developments in spin-transfer torque and spin-orbit torque devices!


Industry Insights and Connections

ChannelScience's chief scientist was asked to present the keynote address at idemaspeecha storage industry event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the hard disk drive (HDD). His insightful talk speculates on the techniques "digital archeologists" of the future might use to unlock the secrets of our civilization that will lie hidden in billions of discarded hard disk drive "artifacts.“

In solid-state storage, our chief scientist is a long-time member of the executive committee of the world's largest technical conference and trade show devoted to solid-state storage: The Flash Memory Summit, held annually in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley).

2011 Flash Memory Summit presentation: Accelerating the Pace of SSD Innovation: 10 HARD disk drive LESSONS (August 11, 2011)


Data Recovery Research

Spanning magnetic, optical, and solid-state storage technologies, ChannelScience expertise and tools have been instrumental in advancing the state-of-the-art in what is actually recoverable from failed and damaged storage devices.

Recovering Unrecoverable Data: The Need for Drive-Independent Data Recovery

Preprint (.pdf) of Paper D5 TMRC 2005:
Drive-Indepedendent Data Recovery: The Current State-of-the-Art
(IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, February 2006, pp. 188-193)


ECC Design, Development, and Evaluation

Please click the button for ECC resources, including source code written by industry innovator, Neal Glover!

Please contact ChannelScience to schedule a free initial consultation.

PRML Read Channel Development and PRMLpro

Partial response maximum likelihood sequence detection is the foundation of modern noise predictive, 2D, iterative detectors for mass storage. We are proud that ChannelScience's expertise, tools, and training were used throughout the industry to accelerate the adoption of this important technological change!

Our flagship product for the adoption of PRML techniques, PRMLpro™, is no longer being updated.


Please click the button for historical information about PRMLpro™.

Additional Resources


Additional Resources

Below are some additional related papers, articles, and presentations that may be of interest.

Slides (.pdf) for Poster G4 TMRC 2000: The Response of LMS Adaptation to Distortions in PRML Optical Storage Channels (August 13, 2000)

Slides (.pdf) for Poster with Jay Hoinville of Euxine Technologies TMRC 2000: A Study of the Effects of Thermally Degraded Pulses on PRML Error Events (August 13, 2000)

Slides (.pdf) for Poster CP8 TMRC 1998: Co-Channel Detection -- A Write-Narrow Read-Wide Recording Head and Multi-track Detection System (August 17-19, 1998)

EETimes OnLine Symposium for Electronics Engineers (OSEE): A Practical Guide to Troubleshooting LMS Filter Adaptation

Original slides (.ppt with presenter's notes) for OSEE lecture A Practical Guide to Troubleshooting LMS Filter Adaptation (June 30, 2002)

Archived edition of on-line Data Storage Magazine article (.pdf) with Jay Alexander of Agilent: Deep Memory Scopes Speed BER Analysis (January 2002)

Japanese translation of on-line Data Storage Magazine article (.pdf) with Jay Alexander of Agilent:Deep Memory Scopes Speed BER Analysis (January 2002)

Cover story from Data Storage Magazine (.pdf): LMS Filter Adaptation in PRML Channels (Data Storage Magazine, August 2000, pp. 15-22)


Manuals/User Guides

Please contact ChannelScience to request a PDF of an archived version of the 300+ page PRMLpro™ User Manual.