H4L: Hirable for Life™

Training by Engineers for Engineers ™

channelscience-bw-logo-for-wp-h4lWage stagnation, layoffs, and longer periods of unemployment are too common among highly educated, experienced, capable STEM professionals. To address these pressing issues, ChannelScience’s unique Hirable for LifeTM workshop presents practical, proven techniques for engineers and scientists to put into practice immediately!

This ½-day, instructor-led training session is specifically designed for experienced engineers and scientists who want to change technologies, industries, or simply improve their current competitiveness in the global economy.

The concepts learned in Hirable for LifeTM can improve the global competitiveness of your company by improving the global competitiveness of the engineers and scientists who create your products and services!

Download the course description and outline of Hirable for Life ™

Download the slides for the original Hirable for Life ™ keynote address, given in celebration of the 2010 graduating electrical and computer (ECE) class at Carnegie Mellon University. 

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1. Why New Engineering Graduates are so Hirable

2. Why Experienced Engineers Lose Ground in their Careers

3. How Engineers can Increase their Global Competitiveness