Multi-Format, Do-No-Harm, Legacy Tape Reader

“There is New Value in Old Data!”

Unlock the value of irreproducible data on deteriorating legacy magnetic tapes for AI/ML!

Developing the best tape reader ever created for legacy formats.

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QualStar drives are fantastic!

But they will never perform better than their analog-filtered peak detection allows.

Peak Detection
Peak Detection

Since 1996, ChannelScience has provided innovative technology development services for Fortune 500 companies and startups in the memory and storage industries. We have specialized signal processing, detection, and magnetics experience that we are applying to read legacy tapes better than the equipment originally built for them. We understand that, with machine learning, “There is new value in old data.” We are working to cost-effectively extract that value for you, without destroying the media it is stored on in the process..

This exciting breakthrough is being funded by the Department of Energy through its SBIR Grant Award: DE-SC0021879.  Please click the "Learn More" button below to review the PowerPoint presentation to learn about the project. If you want to participate in a pilot program; if you want to join our team; or if you want to learn what new applications can be applied to your old data, please Contact ChannelScience.